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@ redcat, los angeles [produced in association with the Roy and Edna Disney / CalArts Theater]

  • A rare performance of works by Harold Budd, September 18, 2004 [scrapbook] [program]
    • Alex Cline, gong
      length - 15:19
    • String Quartet: Jeff Gauthier, Johnny Chang - violins,
      Natalie Brejcha - viola, Jessica Catron - cello
      length - 18:57
    • Clive Wright, guitar
      length - 16:32
    • Harold Budd, piano; Jon Gibson, soprano saxophone, bass flute
      length - 23:18
    • Harold Budd, piano
      length - 18:19
    • Harold Budd, piano
      length - 14:48

@ the schindler house, west hollywood [produced in association with the MAKcenter]

  • Exquisite Corpse featuring (in order of appearance)
    Kris Tiner, trumpet; Joseph Berardi, percussion; Weba Garretson, voice;
    Mitchell Brown, electronics; Petra Haden, violin, voice; G. E. Stinson, guitar
    July 24, 2004 [scrapbook]
    • one set
      length - 01:28:48


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